Online event about hybrid work
Work and life balance, engagement, happiness at work and personal leadership in a (post) COVID-19 world


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  • 48 hour access to replay


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my employer’s training budget for this event?2021-01-18T15:37:25+00:00

This online event is often not listed as a provider in the training portal or catalogue. You can often opt for an application outside the catalogue and you need the information below.

We’ve been notified by several participants that they have arranged it through their employer’s training budget. That sounds very positive!
Right now topic such as remote work, happiness at work and serious play, are topics that benefit everyone.

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Online business event

Event title
Define Your Happiness

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March 4, 2021


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sound & solid
de melksuiker 115, 1911 ER, Uitgeest
M: marco@soundandsolid.com
T: +31 6 315 22 315

€ 49, – excl. VAT
(personal development budget)

This business event is about ‘remote work’, ‘the future of work’ and ‘happiness at work’. During this event, experts will speak about these topics and there is also an Q&A. This will help me to stay vital, efficient, happy, and productive, because remote work is here to stay. It also helps to stay engaged with colleagues, teams and the organization.

Who is the Happiness Journey for?2020-12-22T08:34:10+00:00

The Happiness Journey is for everyone who wants to be happier.

Our events are particularly suitable for executives, managers, SME entrepreneurs, HR professionals, chief happiness officers, product owners, scrum masters, agile coaches, and professionals who want to initiate happiness at work within organizations.

Do join us if you want to know how you can become happier at work.
During the events you will be inspired, motivated and you will get concrete tools to apply what you have learned right away!

In which language are the events?2020-12-22T08:33:28+00:00

All of our online events are in English. Why? Because happiness has no limits.

The English language ensures that people all around the world can join us. We wouldn’t want to deny anyone this special opportunity!

Will I receive a certificate of participation?2020-12-22T08:32:51+00:00

We feel that your new behavior will show that you have participated and learned a lot. That’s why we will not be giving certificates of participation. We are sure that you will acquire knowledge that you will apply both at home and at work. The happiness that all of this brings means so much more than a piece of paper.

Can I go to the online events together with others?2020-12-22T08:32:14+00:00

Of course, the more the merrier!
That’s why we offer group discounts. Happiness shared is the best thing there is! Why keep all that goodness just for yourself?

Are there any last-minute discounts?2020-12-22T08:31:07+00:00

Nope, we only offer early bird and group discounts.

Does the group discount depend on the size of the group?2020-12-22T08:30:26+00:00

Yes! The group discounts are as follows:

  • 3-5 participants: 5%
  • 6-10 participants: 10%
  • 11-19 participants: 15%
  • 20+ participants: 20%

We also have another option for you, if you come with a group. Instead of taking the discount, you can also go for an extra, exclusive training session, such as a workshop led by trainers that we have selected. The topic will be chosen based on your needs. Sounds good? Feel free to let Marco van Onzen know! You can reach him on + 31-63152231 or mail him directly at happy@soundandsolid.com .

Do the prices on the website include VAT?2020-12-22T08:27:51+00:00

All the prices are per person and exclusive of 21% VAT.

How can I pay?2020-12-22T08:27:10+00:00

There are several payment options. If you click on “Buy Your Ticket” you will see the options automatically.

I can’t register due to a technical problem. What should I do?2020-12-22T08:25:35+00:00

Don’t worry. We are here to help!  Please send an email to happy@soundandsolid.com or a whatsapp to + 31-631522315. We will arrange everything for you.

Can I watch the online events later?2020-12-22T08:31:39+00:00

Yes, you can watch every online event within 48 hours. You will receive a link by email. If you’d like to extend the viewing window to 8 days, you can choose an Exclusive ticket.

How do I know if the event is sold out?2020-12-22T08:24:14+00:00

If an event is sold out, it will be announced on our website.

Will I receive a confirmation of participation once I have registered?2020-12-22T08:23:38+00:00

Of course. After registration you will immediately receive a copy of your registration in your mailbox. If you didn’t receive it, please check your spam box. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Just send an email to happy@soundandsolid.com and we will help you ASAP.

If I am late to the event, can I still join?2020-12-22T08:22:38+00:00

Of course, you are always welcome. But it is better if you are on time. We recommend that you log in 10-15 minutes in advance. However, if this is not possible, do join us when you can. You can watch the recording to see what magic you missed!

I have registered for the online events, but I cannot attend, what now?2020-12-22T08:21:48+00:00


You can always send a substitute in your place. This is free of charge. Send us an email with the first and last name, the position, email address, and company where your replacement works to


If you are unable to find a replacement, we have the following options for you:

Cancellation between 4 and 8 weeks before the online event:

If this is the cancellation window, you will get a refund of 50% of the ticket price. For this we’ll charge 50 euros excluding VAT for the administration costs. You can request the compensation by email at happy@soundandsolid.com.

Cancellation with less than 4 weeks before the event:

Unfortunatey we are unable to give refunds during this cancellation period. We would however appreciate you letting us know.  You can report a cancellation by email at happy@soundandsolid.com.

How can I log in to join the online events?2020-12-22T08:18:45+00:00

All online events take place via Zoom. You will receive the link and password in advance. We recommend that you install the Zoom app in advance on your laptop, computer, or tablet. Please do not use your phone, because a small screen will really reduce your experience and the impact of our events. Tip: Connect your laptop to your TV and let’s go!

Do I need to prepare something?2020-12-22T08:17:20+00:00

Nope! Just log in on time and feel free to take notes. Having a pen and paper ready might be very helpful. You won’t want to miss a thing! This is a great way to not only take notes, but to write down questions that you can ask our speakers via the chat.

How do I know if the events are suitable for me?2020-12-22T08:16:09+00:00

There is only one person who can determine that: YOU. If you are interested in the topics and speakers, we are sure that you will experience a life-changing event. All of our clients and contacts can tell you this: We always keep our promises.

What are your terms and conditions and privacy policy?2020-12-16T17:07:02+00:00

Read our terms and conditions here and our privacy policy here.

Do you have a question that’s not answered here?2020-12-22T08:10:24+00:00

No problem! Send an email to happy@soundandsolid.com. We will come back to you ASAP!

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