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The Happiness Journey

As a child, Sofie already loved standing on the stage. Her dream was one day to stand on the stage and give a TED talk. One day in July 2020 she said to her partner Marco: “Why don’t we organize an Happiness at Work event? This topic is so important, especially in these challenging times, and deserves much more attention. I’d like to stand on the stage in front of 1000 people and share them my story about happiness. I hoop that they get inspired and start to take action.”

“Such a great idea! I love that topic –  happiness. You know what? I have always wanted to be an event manager.” Marco said, “Let’s do it!”

Two dreams came true at the same time!
From that moment on, Sofie and Marco became partners, both in life and in business. Their hearts and mission were intertwined. They brainstormed for hours and wrote down the names of inspiring speakers who talk about happiness, happiness at work, remote work, the future of work, leadership, change, employee first business and so on, and emailed them their plan and story. But….would anyone react? Well…they did. And how!

From the very first moment they got one ‘yes’ after another
From thought leaders like Ben Tiggelaar, Jos Burgers, Mo Gawdat, Bruce Daisley, Tony Crabbe… and many more! Sofie and Marco were so surprised and excited that decided to follow their heart, and these incredible people believed in them and in their story, and wanted to share their own. This is how the Happiness Journey was born.

About Define Your Happiness

How can we stay motivated and healthy in this rapidly changing world, now we know that remote work is here to stay?
How can we create, maintain, and increase happiness at work for ourselves and also for others?
How can we create and sustain a good work and life balance, now that we are working from home all the time?
How do we avoid burn out and keep our teams and colleagues healthy?
How do we deal with the lack of social contact, but still stay connected with our colleagues and keep the team spirit alive?
How do we create engagement during online meetings, now that everyone is working from home?

Our speakers will share all of their expert tips and tricks on these subjects, and more. A lot more. Hybrid work is here to stay, and our event will be your new roadmap on how to get the most out of it!

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