Define Your Happiness
online event about hybrid work

Work/life balance, engagement, happiness at work and personal leadership in a (post) COVID-19 world

March 4 2021

🥇 1st online event
🍀 5 incredible speakers
💪 6 months of hard work
🌍 14 countries where attendees came from
🎓 100+ lessons that we’ve learned
🔥 200+ registrations

About Define Your Happiness

Define Your Happiness is the first part of the innovative event series Happiness Journey 2021: online event about hybrid work.

All of us are working in new ways these days. We have never worked from home for so long before. The lockdown has been extended again, and hybrid work has become the new normal in the (post) COVID-19 world. Remote work is here to stay. This has consequences for our daily lives, both professionally and personally.

We miss informalsocial contact with colleagues at the coffee machine. Running into people in the hallway. Having lunch together. We long to see each other face to face in real life. These moments are slowly disappearing.
Collaboration within and across teams has become more challenging than ever, as well as the difficulties of maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
Many of us share the workspace with our partners, and often also with our children and even our pets. We have become more easily distracted and even irritated.

How can we stay motivated and healthy in this rapidly changing world, now we know that remote work is here to stay?
How can we create, maintain, and increase happiness at work for ourselves and also for others?
How can we create and sustain a good work and life balance, now that we are working from home all the time?
How do we avoid burn out and keep our teams and colleagues healthy?
How do we deal with the lack of social contact, but still stay connected with our colleagues and keep the team spirit alive?
How do we create engagement during online meetings, now that everyone is working from home?

Our speakers will share all of their expert tips and tricks on these subjects, and more. A lot more. Hybrid work is here to stay, and our event will be your new roadmap on how to get the most out of it!

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Sofie Sun
Sofie Sun
Happiness at work mentor
sound & solid
How to define your happiness
Mo Gawdat
Mo Gawdat
Former Chief Business Officer of
Google [X] How to create happiness at work
Bruce Daisley
Bruce Daisley
Former Vicepresident of
Twitter EMEA
How to deal with remote work
Nancy Beers
Nancy Beers
Happy Scrum Master
How to create real connections in a digital world
Lisanne Beijk
Lisanne Beijk
General Manager of The Cue
Motivation and engagement in an online world
Buffi Duberman
Buffi Duberman

Porters of Happiness

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